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Loneliness Affects All Ages: The Need for Care


We often associate loneliness with getting older. But the truth is, anyone can feel lonely at any age. Whether you are homebound because of a chronic illness or disability, or you simply live alone these days, loneliness can easily creep in.

In general, human beings are social creatures. We always feel like we are part of a community and this belief helps us thrive in whatever aspect. But sometimes, people may have a hard time making and keeping their relationships because of various reasons. Whatever the reason may be, having social connections is equally important for all.

Our home care agency offers companionship services to people who need them. People usually get lonely at home, thus, having a professional companion with us can help in making us engage in conversations and other activities. Doing house chores alone may also feel less interesting, which could then lead to untidiness and eventual poor hygiene habits. Loneliness and isolation are also found to be harmful to a person’s health. People who feel lonely are at higher risk of many diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. It may also increase the risk of death for older adults.

People who feel isolated may not have someone to encourage them to eat right, exercise, or see a doctor. It has also been found that loneliness can alter the tendency of cells in the immune system to promote inflammation. To prevent these things from happening, our services for companionship and personal care in Colorado are available.

Never hesitate to call on someone you trust whenever you feel lonely or every time you need help at home. Call GENUINE HOME CARE AGENCY today. We also provide homemaker services in Aurora, Colorado.

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