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Helping a Paranoid Schizophrenic Calm Down


Are you caring for a senior diagnosed with schizophrenia? Times can be hard when their symptoms kick in.

Not knowing what to do in this situation can put your senior at risk for accidents and self-inflicted injuries. So GENUINE HOME CARE AGENCY is here to give you a few tips on how to help them calm down.

Here are some measures the caregivers at our Home Care Agency take when their patient’s paranoia “acts up”:

  • Ask about the patient’s fears, and talk about the paranoia if they are willing to listen. If they start threatening you, call for help.
  • Give simple directions. Make sure to tell your senior that no harm will come to them and that you are there to help.
  • Move your patient away from the cause of fear.
  • Give your patient a heads-up on everything you’re about to do. For example, “I’m going to open the door”.
  • If it looks like you or your patient is in real danger, call for help immediately.

One final tip from our Homemaker Services in Aurora, Colorado is to help your senior avoid the things they fear or things that trigger their fear. For example, if they are afraid of dogs, keep them away. Let your senior make a list of things they are afraid of so you can make a “game plan” on how best to avoid these.

Need help caring for a schizophrenic loved one? Give our Personal Care in Colorado a try. Just dial 720-306-0313 to get in touch.

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