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How to Avoid Rashes and Infections In Adult Diapers

how-to-avoid-rashes-and-infections-in-adult-diapersDiaper rashes affect anyone who wears diapers or incontinence briefs. The symptoms of diaper rashes are quite similar to those found in infants and toddlers.

This is commonly caused by infrequent diaper changes, leading to pink-to-red colored or peeling blotches on the skin. Rashes are severe reactions due to the chemicals found in urine or stool, or a sign of yeast and fungal infection.

Rashes are uncomfortable, and it’s something that many seniors in our Home Care Agency struggle with. As experienced caregivers, GENUINE HOME CARE AGENCY has a few tips on helping you and your loved one avoid or reduce the appearance of rashes:

  • Clean or change dirty diapers as soon as possible
  • Wash the entire diaper area thoroughly at least once a day
  • When cleaning, gently wipe the covered area with a washcloth
  • Allow the diaper area to air dry if you can
  • Apply a moisture barrier ointment to the buttocks and other sensitive areas before switching to a clean diaper

Can you develop a diaper rash without wearing diapers? Yes, you can. Warm, moist environments and skin friction can lead to irritation or infections in the skin fold of the genital area. That’s why our caregivers still follow some of the steps above when providing Personal Care in Colorado.

If you’re ever in need of help with senior care, our Homemaker Services in Aurora, Colorado, are available to you. We’ll handle your loved one’s care so you can focus on spending more quality time with them. Dial 720-212-5657 to learn more.

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