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When Is It Time to Start Wearing Adult Diapers?


Adult diapers are not just for the elderly! They can be recommended for anyone who experiences incontinence due to bladder control problems. These are often recommended for middle-aged women who are pregnant, have gone through recent childbirth, or are experiencing menopause.

As a provider of personal care in Colorado, we also have elderly adults who have been recommended adult diapers or incontinence pads due to bladder or bowel incontinence.

While these conditions can be managed with medicine and other treatments, they can’t help incontinence due to aging. It may be time to wear incontinence pads when:

  • It starts to interfere with activities in your daily life.
  • Your medical provider has found no immediate treatments to help control the leakage.

Some benefits to incontinence pads include:

  • They are more comfortable compared to leaks happening on regular clothing.
  • You have fewer worries about leaking and staining your clothes.
  • Most of these are absorbent despite being thin and discreet under many types of clothing.
  • They conveniently pull on and off similar to underwear.

Are you in need of a home care agency to provide you with care in your later years? We at GENUINE HOME CARE AGENCY will provide you with excellent care and peace of mind.

Our services include companion care, accompaniment, personal care, and homemaker services in Aurora, Colorado.

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