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Tired and Restless Senior? Try Massages

tired-and-restless-senior-try-massagesBody pain worsens as time passes, which can also affect how we sleep. In this case, older adults face physical pains unlike before due to aging bones, joints, and muscles. These stressors can result in restless nights and an overall tired senior loved one.

As such, GENUINE HOME CARE AGENCY, a trusted provider of respite care, recommends massage therapy. Massage allows your body to heal and relax, especially if you’re older. Regular massages also allow seniors to become more productive and healthy at home and in the community.

So, what are the benefits of massage therapy for seniors’ sleep quality?

  • Provides better sleep

    Study shows that older adults who receive weekly massages sleep better, which results in better overall health.

  • Soothes osteoarthritis pain

    Arthritis pain can disrupt sleep quality. Jolts of pain can keep anyone awake if not treated properly. As such, allowing a caregiver to give soothing massages before bed can greatly soothe discomfort and encourage relaxation.

  • Physical and mental relaxation

    According to the American Senior Communities, massage has been shown to decrease the unhealthy buildup of cortisol, known as the “stress hormone,” in the body, allowing the body to enter a rest and rejuvenation period.

  • Better healing from injury or illness

    Massage therapy keeps muscles, connective tissues, joints, tendons, and ligaments more fluid and even less injury-prone in the long run. If you have a loved one receiving hospice care in Colorado, massages can help them sleep better at night, giving their body enough time to recuperate.

As your trusted home care agency, we make sure to provide compassionate services that are essential for enhancing your quality of life.

To learn more about our care services, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We accept private pay in Aurora, Colorado.

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