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Common Exercises for Seniors

common-exercises-for-seniorsGetting regular exercise is essential for people of all ages, including seniors. Seniors should be getting around 2.5 hours of exercise every week. At the GENUINE HOME CARE AGENCY, we recommend our clients get regular exercise with the help of a licensed caregiver.

A caregiver can assist seniors in their daily exercise routine. They ensure seniors do physical activities safely and do not overexert themselves. We accept private pay in Aurora, Colorado as a payment option for our services.

Here are some common exercises that are safe for seniors:

  • Bodyweight workouts, under the tutelage of a licensed instructor, helps prevent muscle loss for seniors
  • Cloth band workouts are popular among seniors because they are low-cost and fun. They also improve mobility and balance
  • Walking and brisk walking allows seniors to get exercise while performing routine tasks like pet walking and grocery shopping
  • Water aerobics allows those who suffer from joint pain to put less weight on their joints when exercising
  • Chair yoga is a low impact activity that will improve flexibility, mobility, and muscle strength for seniors

Most seniors will live healthier and happier when practicing a regular exercise routine. And in instances, when a caregiver takes a leave or goes on vacation, we provide a variety of respite care options, where proper diet and exercise regimens are also followed.

We also offer hospice care in Colorado for seniors with more serious conditions. As one of the top home care agencies in town, we offer a complete set of services for seniors. Schedule a consultation with us today, so we can discuss how to best serve you. Call us at 720-306-0313.

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