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Perks of Meditation and Aromatherapy for Seniors

Perks of Meditation and Aromatherapy for Seniors

Want to help your elderly loved ones relax, enjoy, and keep their positive vibes? Why not avail of meditation and aromatherapy services for them? These activities have been included in many senior care plans and homemaker services in Aurora, Colorado for many years already. And the results and feedback have been great. These activities can offer two significant benefits that will have a huge impact on the elderly’s quality of life – better mood and restful sleep.

  1. Mood Improvements

    Aromatherapy has been used as a popular alternative therapy in many countries around the world (e.g., China, Egypt) for thousands of years already. Meditation techniques, such as Yoga and breath awareness, are also well-loved for their effects on mood.

    Recent research also proves that olfactory stimulation through scents can indeed affect social behavior and cognition. If your loved ones have been suffering from anxiety and stress, you might like to use rosemary, lavender, or peppermint scents to help them relax. Then, encourage them to recite positive statements to themselves while they sit and meditate in silence.

  2. Sleep Quality

    Ultimately, meditation and the right sleep-inducing scents (e.g., valerian, lavender, and chamomile) could be what your loved ones need to improve their sleep quality. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to do these activities with your loved ones, it’s best to hire a provider of personal care in Colorado.

Soothing scents and statements would make perfect additions to your loved ones’ daily positivity arsenal. If you’re looking forward to receiving professional support in caring for your seniors at home, feel free to visit Genuine Home Care Agency, a home care agency that offers geriatric services.

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