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How to Promote Mental Health in Seniors

How to Promote Mental Health in Seniors

Mental health challenges like anxiety and depression can take a toll on anyone, especially seniors. Feelings of sadness and social isolation, as any provider of personal care in Colorado would tell you, can even increase a senior’s risk of difficult health problems.

However, there are ways you can help prevent mental health issues in your senior loved ones. Our home care agency has listed down some useful tips:

  • Get them moving.
    Regular exercise does not only benefit the body. It is good for the mind, too. This is true for people of any age, but especially your senior loved ones. Exercise can help them deal with their stress, anxiety, and physical ailments.
  • Motivate them to exercise their brains.
    The brain needs exercise just as much as the body does. Your seniors should spend time doing activities that can keep them mentally engaged. We suggest playing an instrument, reading more books, journaling, and playing brain games.
  • Let them stay connected.
    Time and distance can keep your loved ones from maintaining bonds with the people they care about the most. However, staying connected even when others are busy or far away is possible—thanks to technology. Encourage your loved ones to keep in touch with you, other family members, and their friends. Good communication will help them avoid feeling lonely.

GENUINE HOME CARE AGENCY is here to help your loved ones stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Please contact us for more details about our home care and homemaker services in Aurora, Colorado.

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