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Activities of Daily Living: Road to Living Independently

Activities of Daily Living: Road to Living Independently

There are many activities that people do daily to function properly. One does not usually think much about these activities, but when a person ages or is injured, they tend to notice how essential they are. 

These activities include the basics of everyone’s routine, and they’re called ADLs or Activities of Daily Living. Caregivers from a Home Care Agency know these activities all too well and strive to provide aid to those who need them.

ADLs are divided into the following categories:

  • Personal hygienebathing, grooming, oral care, and others
  • Toileting/Continence – Using the toilet properly
  • Dressing – choosing and putting on of clothes
  • Eating – feeding oneself
  • Ambulating – moving safely from one place to another

A person’s ability to continue doing these activities by themselves can signal their independency. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re no longer independent when they’re unable to do one or all of those mentioned. They can still live by themselves, albeit with the help of a provider of Personal Care in Colorado.

We at Genuine Home Care Agency, a key provider of Homemaker Services in Aurora, Colorado, can help you continue living independently by providing you with the best care you will need.

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